Thursday, August 18, 2011

Pipe cleaner creation

Everyday items are fun to explore with and can provide lots of learning opportunities. Pipe cleaners and a colander provide lots of entertainment and a great workout for our fingers.

And of course it also brings a lot of opportunities for some good giggles as well.

Thanks to all the rain, we've been trying to find places to play indoors. The auditorium is one of our favorite spots.

I guess they are attached to our teeny tiny room because even in the big auditorium, the love to cram themselves into this little space. I guess it is Ms. Jennifer who really needs the space. :)

Ice painting

I wanted to give the kids a "cool" sensory painting experience so I colored some ice cubes. They painted for a little bit and then had other ideas. Don't worry, everything was edible.


We have enjoyed going to the library with Ms. Anderson.

We got to check out our own books and find a comfy place to read them in the library.

Videos of our Learning

Thanks to our TCIS community and the help collecting bottles, I was able to make a fun water wall for the kids to explore during our water days. The kids had a good time pouring the water and watching it flow from one bottle to another. It was fun for me to watch them explore.

One of the fun items I brought back with me from America was water beads. They soak up water and become like jelly balls. They are used for flower vases but I thought they would make an awesome sensory experience and the kids love them. Watch Ephraim's pouring and scooping skills. What great hand eye coordination!

The girls used dot painters to paint dots on the letters of our first names. Watch their fine motor skills and the polite language they use to talk to each other. Shelby Grace even shows off her stacking skills.

The girls are enjoying reading books.

Learning new skills

The "older" kids in the ELC this year are actually on the young side so we are working on learning many new skills. For a couple of them, it may be the first time experiencing some of the art projects. Check out some of the things we have been learning.

We've enjoyed typing on the computer. We use different fonts and different colors.

Learning how to use glue

Painting dots- great fine motor control!

Peeling off the backing of foam stickers. Watch our fingers work!

More and more stickers to work on our finger strength

Guess you can say our fingers are really getting a work out!

A New Year has Begun!

Welcome back to the ELC!
Look at us! We're growing!

We're playing and investigating.

We are exploring new skills and textures.

We are dressing up

and pretending.

Come along with us this year as we learn through play! Looking forward to a great year!