Monday, October 3, 2011

Yellow Fun!

Y-E-L-L-O-W spells yellow! The color yellow has been keeping us busy.

We can play in our yellow sensory box. There are so many different and fun yellow textures to play with.

One of our favorite things is to play with playdough. Check out Mrs. Jennifer's macaroni and cheese :).

Our fine motor skills are at work with lacing the yellow foam beads.

We made a yellow collage of different papers, materials, and tools to color and paint.

One rainy day, we played with yellow oobleck.

The dinosaurs got in on the gooey fun.

One day we used, balloons to paint with.

We made yellow suns. We painted yellow circles and got to glue yellow triangles.

We painted yellow bananas. Some of us got a little carried away with our paint :). Check out how we painted with balloons.

The color yellow sure is fun!

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